cosmic_disciple (cosmic_disciple) wrote,

Rhizome ringtone/rhiztone readme.txt

This ringtone is a truetone, just an MP3. The music originated from a MIDI file I wrote for an unfinished skate video started in 2007. I used the seashore General MIDI instrument to represent the sound of skateboard wheels on concrete. General MIDI high hat and snare drum wasn't working for the rhythm track, so I tried representing them with maraca and short guiro.

Choosing music for your ringtone is delicate, because you express yourself whenever it plays in public. I use "Afternoon Chill" and "Well-balanced" on my phone now and loved "Ambient Mood", "Moonlit Haze", "Illumination", etc. on my old RAZR - ringtones that instantly set a mood without being too intrusive. Something to wake up to and go out to.

Also, if your phone plays MIDI ringtones, you might want to try using the original MIDI file.

Travis Hallenbeck
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