cosmic_disciple (cosmic_disciple) wrote,

"hard-edged, 'meat-and-potato' patches"

"The MASTERAM Collections are designed to aide in the creation of many types of contemporary music. It has provided artists with some of the most unique analog, digital and emulative textures available anywhere.

Sounds include 'Frog Piano', 'Digital Wow', 'Xylo Repeat', 'Tubular Bells', 'Thunder/Descent', 'African #1', 'Dreamy', 'Heavy SyncSweep', 'Bright Analog', 'DX Lead', 'Combo Organ', 'Resonant Echo' and more."

"The MASTERAM Collections;
Sounds include 'Fuzz Pluck', 'Pulse Funk Bass', 'Small Animal', 'Whotta Bass', 'Space Waves', 'Moon Voize', 'Flexitone', 'Childlike', 'Heavy Metal', 'Dicreet Eno', 'Claps', 'Trumpet', 'Talking Drum', 'Pitchfall Gong' and more."

"The MASTERAM Collections;
Sounds include 'DX Rhodes', 'Alpha Juno', 'VibroRise', 'Wet Funk Bass', 'Sick Cat', 'Storm Wind', 'Chrome Lead', 'Ethnick', 'Analog Slow', 'Water Skimmer', 'Bottle Bells', 'Evolution', 'Word Up', 'Far East Release', 'Whaeow' and more."

"'Nylon Synth'"

"Sounds include 'Architectronics', 'Edge of Awareness', 'Jungle Shadow', 'Slide Me &Glide Me', 'Ghost Factory', 'Human Tribe', 'Percussion FX 1-9' and more."

"Sounds include 'Harmaniac!', 'Ethnic Pan', 'Life Force', 'Ice Caves', 'AriesNight' and many more."

"Sounds include 'WindsWood', 'WateryFlange', 'Lokar Movie', 'Unreal Layer' and more."

"'MTV Break'" "'ThunkaBass'"

"R&B/Pop contains 80 crystal clear, extremely usable drum sounds needed and wanted by today's working drummers, keyboard players and producers."
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