cosmic_disciple (cosmic_disciple) wrote,

* "I've had to become more rigorous in my reading, to actually think a little about what to read next & why
* My mental map of contemporary poetry has changed profoundly
* I've had to acknowledge the presence of an entirely new generation of poets & recognize that they really are the "poets of today," however you might care to define that.
* I've met, online & sometimes later in person, a huge number of interesting new people & gotten to know several folks I'd already met quite a bit better
* My correspondence has gone up dramatically
* So has the arrival of books in the mail - twenty books in one week is not uncommon.
* I've been able to spread the word about some poetry I care about a lot.
* My own poetry is being solicited at a much greater rate than I can possibly manage.
* I'm being invited to read more often - so much so, in fact, that I've learned to say No for the first time in my life. I've turned down trips to Oregon, Finland & several places in between as a result.
* Writing here has pushed my own poetry forward in ways I would not have expected & which I don't think (yet) I can fully articulate."
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